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We provide legal services to our clients on a flexible basis. For some clients, we serve as general counsel and review all legal matters involving the client. For others, we provide services only as requested and as needed.

Like our health care clients, we increasingly seek value-based payment arrangements as an alternative to traditional hourly billing for attorney services. We often work with clients to design fixed fee arrangements for specific services. Our fixed fee arrangements help align our clients’ interests with ours, as well as helping clients manage their legal budgets with predictability and simplicity. We are also willing to consider alternatives such as blended or tiered fee arrangements, and (when permitted) contingent fee agreements.

We also offer customized fixed fee packages, in which we provide specific services for a fixed fee, such as:

  • Contract Review & Drafting

  • Policy Review & Drafting’

  • HIPAA Training

  • Corporate & Medical Staff Bylaws Review & Drafting

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